Vikas Bukhari

Hi, I am a Developer and a Designer from Kashmir.


I am a Student of Computer Engineering Interested in creating products and solutions that are Scalable, performance-optimized and help people, businesses navigate towards their goals.

My Main Focus Involves creating solutions for medium and small businesses. I love coding backend, apart from that I spent time on Illustrator.

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Blog Posts

Introducing ONA - An Open Source App for WordPress Blogs and News Sites.

How To Get Public Instagram Post JSON using JavaScript/PHP Without Access Token.

My Backpack


ONA or Open News App

ONA or Open News App is an open source React Native based Application for WordPress News and Blog Websites.

A website and App tracking COVID-19 cases in Jammu & Kashmir, along with providing related information & visualizations.

Logistic Management System with Android App

A Complete Logistic management system with Android App based on PHP and React Native.

Facebook Peer to Peer Global Digital Challenge

The Project aims to engage university students around the world in competitions where students create social media campaigns and offline strategies to challenge hateful and extremist narratives.

Sheikh Saaliq, Portfolio Design

He is a journalist with The Associated Press in New Delhi. His Work has appeared in New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, AlJazeera etc.

Online Pet Shop is an online Pet Shop Built Using WordPress.

XOR Encryption and Ceaser Cipher Using JS

XOR Encryption and Caesar Cipher Using JavaScript.

Press Mentions

Meet 9 under-21 youth who will represent J&K in India Skills-2018

Greater Kashmir

Fighting Covid-19 — And Repression — in Kashmir

Foreign Policy In Focus

COVID-19 Kashmir Tracker: When Young IT Professionals Harness the Power of Open Source to Help Make a Difference

Inverse Journal

A COVID-19 Tracker for Jammu & Kashmir

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